Road Rash Game Free Download By A2zcrack

Road Rash Game Free Download For your PC By A2zcrack

Road Rash game is one of the racing games which were released in 1991 by Electronic Arts. Road Rash Game is very popular and old game when it comes to bike racing and Game Boy Advance has developed this game. It was initially a video game but now it is also available for PC.

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Road Rash Game is bike racing game with different levels and whenever player the levels, player are able to earn money and with the help of that money player is able to unlock new and upgraded bikes which helps players to win race in every level.

road rash game

While playing Road Rash Game players are suppose to get on 1st 3 positions to win the game and for that player are suppose to clear hurdles like crossing other players either by kicking them down so that they fall or by hitting them so that they fall and they take time to move further. There are several punches, kicks and hand weapons available with player with the help of it player can move ahead and even player can snatch the weapon used by the opponents while playing the race. As and when player finishes the level there are new levels with more difficulty where there are cobs that interrupt the player and tries to catch hold of the player. Player who is playing road rash game has to not only defeat the other players but also have to keep themselves safe from police officer or cobs that catch them. If in case player is caught by cobs or police officer, than amount which player has earned from that some amount is deducted as player was driving fast in city area. On successful hit the stamina of opponent is damaged which helps the player to win the game and even player is suppose to defend themselves in getting hit by opponents as it also damages the stamina of player.

road rash game

There are many modes in road rash game where player is supposed to play game in city where there is full traffic or on highway. There are trees, street signs, poles and livestock which become obstacle of a player and reduce the speed of the player if the player hits any of the obstacles. There are various stages available in road rash game which exits player to play the game. Road Rash game has fabulous graphics along with the music which changes on every level and even music changes as the complete line of the race comes near.

There are different modes available in road rash game which is as follows:-

  • Trash mode: In this mode player is suppose to sit on bike and need to play
  • Big Game Mode: Here player needs to start as beginner and need to reach at the top i.e. championship by clearing the race.
  • Multiplayer Mode: In this mode the player can play online with other live participants who are playing the game.

free download road rash game,road rash game for pc,


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Road rash game free download is available where one can download for free the full version of the game and can experience the fantastic bike racing experience. Road rash game download is available for PC also where you just need following configuration in your system

  • Windows XP, Windows Vista operating system
  • 16 MB of RAM and 75 MHz CPU
  • 25MB space in Hard disk