Runic Rampage Hack & Slash RPG v1.06 Is Here!

Runic Rampage Hack & and Slash RPG

Runic Rampage Hack and Slash RPG – go on an adventure with the gnome Grimmbard. That he took a huge hammer to dub it to his enemies. In one fairy kingdom the stone of runes lost, which protected dwarves from diseases and enemies. The search for which went to our hero. He will go through the desert and fight with the numerous orcs who attacked the kingdom. The main character is waiting for an important mission, which he will not only heal his people, but will unite several kingdoms in one and become a real hero for his people.

Runic Rampage HackIn Runic Rampage Hack you will control the dwarf with a heavy hammer, which he will fight with his enemies. Which you can turn in different directions to give the command where to move the hero. Runic Rampage -Hack Also in the control are used special buttons, clicking on which you will give the command of acceleration and hammer blow. By combining buttons you can perform super strokes, Runic Rampage Hack such as a circular kick or a stroke with a take-off.

Runic Rampage HackDestroying enemies with blows, you can earn a few coins, which sometimes will appear after their death. You can spend the coins to improve your hero after passing the level. So you can improve the hammer or armor, as well as buy new war hammers and uniforms for your hero.

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