Active Undelete 11 Serial Key + Installer Download

Active Undelete 11 Serial Key  and setup Download

Active Undelete 11 Serial Key is a recovery solution simple data worth having when you need to scan disks deleted partitions or damaged, restore files or folders accidentally deleted from your existing volumes, create a virtual RAID array and recover lost for any reason files.

Because it supports multiple file systems such as NTFS, FAT, FAT32, HFS + and UFS, the application provides functions for working with partitions, as well as create, open and verify disk images. It allows you to explore and browse all data storage device on your PC in different ways, and find and recover the lost data.

Active Undelete 11 Serial Key Once you start Active Undelete 11 Serial Key, you will be prompted a new window where you can choose the action you are interested. The left pane displays all available wizards to guide you through the process partition management and disk images or data recovery. Features such as decrypting files and creating a new set of RAID are also available in the category of ‘Advanced Tools’.

Active Undelete 11 Serial Key| After selecting the recovery wizard is interested, the program will automatically scan the selected volume (logical unit) surface in order to detect all accidentally deleted files and folders. After the scanning process is complete, you will be able to browse the list of all detected files and recover easily.

Active Undelete 11 Serial Key Active Undelete 11 Serial Key| If you want to create a new partition or just undo all changes, you can access the “Partition Management ‘section in the left pane. The wizard’ Restore Deleted Partitions’ is able to detect all partitions erased or damaged, optionally modify its geometry and finally restore the partition, without changing the file format.

By accessing the section “disk image Wizards, who are able to create a new copy of the selected volume or physical disk and verify its integrity. What’s more, you can use compression disk image in order save space on the target location. However, it is necessary to maintain maximum compatibility with applications from third-party disk image.

To create a new set of virtual RAID, all you have to do is choose the physical devices in the correct order, then specify the limits of devices, if necessary.

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Active Undelete 11 Serial KeyFinally, Active Undelete 11 Serial Key lets you recover lost NTFS, FAT, FAT32 and HFS + file systems files and restore deleted partitions effortlessly.