WebPassBooster Application Downlaod

WebPassBooster Application Free Downlaod

WebPassBooster is a simple and practical application designed to help you generate random passwords.
All you need to do is specify the phrase to generate the password. Then the application will save the generated password to the clipboard and can be pasted into a web page or a specific file.

WebPassBooster this way, you can keep your data secure over the Internet, and can also run the application and take it with you wherever you want in a USB drive. This password manager supports 17 languages ​​and 17 virtual keyboards, which means that can be used worldwide, even on a PC where the keyboard would never find in your language. WebPassBooster  virtual keyboard also offers protection against keyloggers (spyware that reads what you type on the physical keyboard) and a smart application uses to enable write the generated password Alternatively, the triple mouse click! A rather unusual action that no attacker could expect.

WebPassBooster Generated passwords are safe and scored above average in tests on the major specialized sites in the password rating, based on relevant criteria, such as the elimination of repeated or consecutive characters and the highest prevalence of numbers or symbols criteria . WebPassBooster generated passwords also have a time limit, can be used again within 15 seconds, then, they shall be automatically canceled if not used, will be canceled and removed after two minutes. madness by which our password remains in the clipboard is cleared!

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WebPassBooster software is designed for those who want simple passwords that are simple phrases that stick in your head as it should, without compromising safety.