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The Bat Download

The Bat free download latest version of the stick in the forward link only for windows and access your email at any time without Internet connection.

The Bat DownloadThe Bat ! developed by RITLABS, a company based in Moldova is a client free email software that works on any computer with a Windows-based operating system. The -bat! It is considered as a substitute mail client for advanced users because of its important potential security filtering and customizing the user interface approach.

The Bat DownloadThe Bat download free and enjoy the latest features and benefits that make your experience simple and appropriate email. All the features of e-mail software mentioned above are perfectly suitable for any Windows operating system. Moreover, Bat! It was the first email client certificate for Windows Vista Microsoft Corporation. Logo certification assures the highest level of harmony between the operating system and The Bat! mechanisms.

You can easily customize the main window of The-Bat. because it will give all the power to do so. The account and folder tree, message list, toolbar, etc. All this can be comfortably fit your taste.

The Bat DownloadThere is ample space for the sender and recipients’ e-mail addresses out there. All input data is stored in the “story” that can be chosen from the drop down menu below.

The Bat DownloadDownload: Click HEre TO Download

Click the button below to start the download of the stick. This is complete offline installer and complete independent configuration The Bat. This works for both operating systems of 32 bits and 64 bits.