Need for Speed Rivals- Free Download 2015 Updated

 Overview About Need for Speed Rivals 

Need for speed rivals is one of the best car racing games which was developed by games of Ghost and Criterion. They have developed many series of the game named need for speed. The game was launched to play on Play station, Windows system and Xbox 360. In the year 2013 in month of November, need for speed rival was launched. Need for speed rivals is car racing game where player needs to compete with other players and need to win the race by getting placed in 1st to 3rd position.need for speed rivals

Need for speed rivals Download 

Need for speed rivals Download have enhanced features with multifarious scenes, weather and location. After wining every game player get the chance to earn cash and that cash helps the player to enhance the feature of the purchased car as well as new car can be bought with enhance features like enhanced engine, breaks, speed, nitro booster and many more features. Along with enhancement of car and buying of car player can also get the car from the opponent. In need for speed rivals player required to compete with different players as well as player need to be safe from cops which chase them to arrest them as the player drives fast to win the race. If cops or police officer catches player than player needs to pay the penalty and if this happens frequently than player can even lose the car which player has bought. A other racing game is Euro Truck Simulator 2 Key.

need for speed rivals

Need for speed rivals player is suppose to clear the levels in terms of career and milestones. There are career where player needs to compete with other players as well as need to safe from cops while in milestone player is suppose to compete with cops and need to complete that specific milestone. There are few places available where player can hide themselves from getting caught by cops.

Basically there are 2 different types of storylines

  • Racer
  • Cop

need for speed rivals

There are 2 distant modes which are multiplayer mode and single player mode. There are 3 different careers available in the games which are as follows:

  • Undercover.
  • Patrol.
  • Enforcer.

Need for speed rivals requirement for system

  • Intel CPU with 2.4 GHz Core 2 duo or 2.6 GHz Athlon X2 AMD CPU.
  • Minimum 4 GB RAM but at least 8GB RAM is recommended.
  • Windows 7, Windows Vista or Windows XP operating system.
  • Should have at least 30 GB of free space in Hard disk
  • Hardware should have sound card and video card.

need for speed rivals

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Need For Speed Rivals Pc

Need for speed rivals pc is compatible with system where one can play the game in PC but the PC should be compatible. Need for speed rivals have new features in terms of graphics,new challenges and thrill. There are new range of car, races and locations. It is recommended to play the game using mouse and keyboard. Players playing who have played the series of need for speed will love to play need for speed rivals. Need for speed rivals are now available in play station 3 and play station 4 as well as there are many sites from where you can download the source of NFS rivals.