The Sims 4 Story Game Review By A2zCrack

Story Of The Sims 4 GameStory Of The Sims 4 Game

Sims 4 is the life simulation game and the new series of The Sims game. Sims 4 is have the same game play as it was there in previous version of Sims i.e. Sims 3. Players can get control on creating new Sims and can control the life of new Sims.

Sims 4 Crack game play have various chapters and by completing these chapters the story of the game completes. Sims 4 story is about Ana Pringle, a new resident of Willam Creek. She is a passionate artist and she dreams to have baby. She moves around her neighborhood and get in relationship with Mitchell. She gets pregnant and delivers a new baby.  She earns money by selling her paintings and she meets Arthur in the museum. Now, Ana and Arthur are in relationship where Arthur feels as if he is man after spending night with Ana.

There is a fight between Arthur and Ana. Ana is again pregnant as she is having morning sickness and nausea. Ana likes baby so she has decided to deliver the second baby also. Arthur takes care of Ana as the second child is of Arthur. Ana delivers the second baby and Arthur is taking care of both the babies. Ana is happy to stay with Arthur. Aaron the first child of Ana loves to play with the new born baby and Aaron meets his father Mitchell. Ana is busy preparing the paintings and fall off to sleep. Babies are growing and there is a question that do Arthur wants more babies? Ana and Arthur are enjoying their parenthood. Again Ana delivers a new child. Ana goes to party and she enjoys the party by drinking and eating.

In this way the story goes where Ana meets the new person and she starts expecting. The story end up when Ana grows old and she meets Osmond where she says that her family is not completed as she is not yet married but she is having lovely kids. Osmond proposes Ana and they both gets married. This way Sims 4 story completes.