Sony Vegas Pro 13 Crack Features

Sony Vegas Pro 13 Crack (1)Sony Vegas Pro 13 Crack Features By Asad Ramzan

Sony Vegas Pro 13 Crack  is the software package which is used for video editing. The software is published by Sonic Foundry and Sony Creative Software has owned and run the software. Sony Vegas Pro 13 Crack  was first developed for audio editor and then the software got enhanced and was converted to audio and video editor.

 Sony Vegas Pro 13 Crack Features

Sony Vegas Pro 13 Crack Features:-

  • User can easily edit the video by moving the events on the timeline, confirmation for visual alignment and user defined snapping tool which ensures that the media lands exactly where the user need it with accuracy of the frame and audio accuracy for sub frame.
  • It automatically moves or slips audio or video inside an event and synchronizes the media rapidly and accurately.
  • User can expand the edit mode by double clicking on the edit point on the timeline. User can loop region around the edit point to dynamically add or remove frames from either side of the edit point.
  • User can import as well as export the wide range of their project files to and from Vegas Pro.
  • Vega Pro supports the frame having size of 4096 x 4096 along with 4K image standard for digital cinema projection having 4096 x 2160 pixels.
  • For better playback and faster rendering, the GPU’s power is used so that playback of video becomes smoother.
  • There is multi – format native editing format available. Vega Pro eliminates the transcode and rewraps the process that other applications require. User can save their valuable time, minimize the storage requirements and preserve the quality of the original source material.
  • Vegas Pro 13 is fully featured composing and effecting the application. It combines up to 32 effects per effects chain and applies them at the track, event, media and project level.


Sony Vegas Pro 13 Crack is the version which has new and improved features which helps the users to edit the videos using new tools and features.