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A mobile application which is known as Viber helps users to send messages, stickers and can make calls to each other using internet services, i.e., either by mobile data which is 3G or 2G or by using the WiFi connection. Viber software can be used in mobile as well as for PC. Viber for PC helps the users to make local, national or international calls and messages to each other.

Viber for PC

Viber on PC synchronizes all the contacts which are available in your contacts. You need to register your number and then you can call on any network and in any country.

Viber for PC

There are many features which are available in Viber for PC which is as follows:-

  • Calls which are done using Viber gives the best quality of voice Calls one can do video calls using.
  • Viber application can send messages using photo or stickers or notes.
  • Viber for PC synchronizes all the contacts which are available on mobile.
  • Users can see the history both on pc as well as mobile.
  • There are many stickers available in Viber which you can download from the sticker market

Viber for PC

Viber Download For PC

Viber download for PC helps the users to make calls across the world just using internet services. Viber for PC download is available free of cost on various sites. Viber for PC free download is available on the official website of Viber. Viber for PC is available on windows as well as Linux operating system.

 Viber for PC

Using Viber application one can make individual or group calls and even video calls just using internet services across the world. Viber application helps in group chats as well as individual conversations. Viber is available for PC, iOS applications and android applications. There is no registration or password required. You need to sign up in Viber application using your number so that the contacts can be synchronized on Viber application.

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