Datalife Engine 10.6 UTF-8- Null Version Is Here [ Latest] 2017

Datalife Engine 10.6 UTF-8- Null Version Download

The latest version of Datalife Engine 10 software. It is the software that A2zcrack uses. Translation process was done by me. Mid-team null version is used. It is a system-friendly, successful software based on Php.

Datalife Engine 10.6Priority is utf8 version. . The problem of Turkish characters does not occur in the structure of Url. It is possible to use Turkish characters in your tags with UTF-8 version.

Datalife Engine 10.6This software caters to friends who are not far from the script culture, with basic level html knowledge. You need to deal with codes for modules or similar processes. It is a little limited in terms of source.

You can use the software in Turkish (3 desktops, 1 mobile theme included), all interface in Turkish. It is possible to use it in english and russian in the same way. However, if you use English, you have to translate them into English. Do not forget to organize them yourself.

Datalife Engine 10.6Datalife Engine 10.6 UTF-8- General Features:-

– Multi language support (Turkish, Russian and English)
– 3 different topics adding editor (bbcode, liveeditor, tinyMCE)
– Adjustable seo settings
– Panel with full control
– Ad management
– Internal caching system
– Survey module
– Ability to edit theme from admin panel
– Fixed page creation
– cross-link management (you can automatically link the words you specify)
– Can upload backups from admin panel (MYSQL)
– Create user groups (useful for vip systems)
– Personal Message system
– Ability to send personal messages to the bulk mail from the admin panel
– Membership system, grouping of memberships
– Database optimizer tool
– RSS reader (You can post topics on your site with rss)
– Sitemap creation and pinging
– Easy to manage labels module
– Module where you can edit the site rules
– IP blocking or IP discovery module
– Email templates (you can edit email templates for members)
– Settings for video and music player

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