Windows Live Messenger v14.0.8117-416 Is Here [ Latest] Download

Windows Live Messenger v14.0.8117-416 Is Here Free Download

The latest version of Windows Live Messenger xp, it continues to be one of the most important programs to be included on your computer. You can install it as a complex package. So you can always stand as a package under your hands.

Windows Live Messenger

Features Windows Live Messenger v14

# You can create groups at your friend list, sort your list by groups or online / offline status.
You can view the status of people in your list, write them in when they enter Messenger (when they become online), or write messages even if they are offline. You can also download WinMend Data Recovery v2.2.0 on

# In situations where you want to hide, it may appear offline and you can write with the people you want. However, you need to go online to use features like video chat and file sending.
You can share files on your computer with people in your list. When you are online you can send them a file from your computer and get files from them.

# New message, email, vibration etc.
Here You can make a teleconference by inviting other friends to talk while you are talking with a friend.
#You can send animated expressions, blink animations, and vibrations to the picture in Messenger that you can add later.

Also you can change the colors and backgrounds of your Messenger windows as you like. Create a custom look for you.

Download: Click Here To Download