Spector Pro v6 Build 1201 Full Version & Final Here!

Spector Pro v6 Build 1201 Full Download

Spector Pro-The main purpose of the program was produced for situations such as betrayal, insecurity, etc. This program records all activities performed on a computer. The applications that are opened are chatting, everything is written by both sides, the web sites that are visited and sent, the e-mails that are sent, all the documents written on the keyboard are decrypted.

Spector Pro v6 Build 1201 There is also word sensitivity, for example, if you want to be informed, you can set it up and be notified by e-mail when the word is written. The program Ctrl + Alt + Delete den does not even know that another program works on this page. also the program is password protected.

Spector Pro v6 Build 1201

The Program’s Holiday:
1-When you set it on your screen, it takes one (30 sec, 1 min etc.) screen image.
2-Record all msn, yahoo, aol, etc. chat conversations.
3-google on the Internet and so on. with the words you are looking for.
4-Displays the web pages you visited.
5-Shows the incoming e-mails.
6-Limewire, ares, emule and so on. Displays the downloaded files with.
7-Displays all the keys that are keyed in from the keyboard.
8-Day Record all running programs with day and time.
9-Keeps track of how long computer users are using BGS.
10-Open all word, excel etc. files opened and displayed.


Download: Link 1 | Link 2