Fayteq FayIN for After Effects CC Download

Fayteq FayIN 2.a3.0.0 Download

The new version of  Fayteq FayIN has been comes with much great new features. With Further improvement the usability & simplicity of the plugin. User can download the plugin from our website site gamestorrentpur.

Camera Tracking Features

  1. Full integration in After Effects Program.
  2. Innovative hybrid planar and 2D or 3D tracker
  3. Free selection of target area in this version
  4. 2.00 Version automatic detection of the best settings you need.
  5. Now no keyframing necessary for this version.

Content Integration in

  • Now easy integration & exchange of inserts for each track in this version.
  • Easy workflow for Por and non-professionals.
  • Easy adjustment and inserted objects.

Fayteq FayIN

Download: Click Here To Download