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In TransOcean 2 Rivals: Your rival facing new challenges as the boss of your own cruise line: The international competition has gotten much harder and the battle for the most lucrative contract has just begun. You will succeed in your rival sweep of the seven seas and the leading global shipping lines to success and fame?

TransOcean 2 RivalsTransOcean 2 Rivals, the second chapter of the successful business simulation Transocean, offering an entertaining day playing well for itself in three single-player mode of his – Campaign, endless games and competition – or with friends in a thrilling, competitive multiplayer mode.

Started with a newly established shipping lanes in one of the 60 port and start your career with a small fleet of obsolete old pitcher, the smallest type of vessel in Transocean 2 Rivals Codex. Select the port you wisely and finish your first contract to the nearest port to produce your first fund. Doing business with the brain, plan your cruise with foresight and do not underestimate the external factors such as oil price or a rival company you.

TransOcean 2 RivalsA more vibrant economic system affects all kinds of stuff to make sure that in Transocean 2 Rivals You are also faced with the challenges of the macro economy. With three types of ships – Tankers, Bulk Carriers and Container Ships – you have more options to specialize and take your company to the top. Challenging your rivals and develop the company’s global business of your own. Differing Victory Point criteria randomly set at the beginning of every game make every experience unique.

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Transocean 2 Rivals Crack is a sequel to a successful game, Transocean: The Shipping Company, was very popular with the business strategies of players, fans of simulation and anyone who loves a large cargo ship.