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Photo Background Remover helps to clear digital shots of unwanted background. This feature is very popular among amateur photographers who need to take a particular object of the shot to put it in some compositions. Also the background removal is often used in graphical content online. Thanks to the batch file image processing, Image Background Remover can significantly speed up the process of clearing background

Photo Background RemoverThere are two methods to detect the background area to be removed. The first is manual selection marker with two objectives: a green marker to define the areas that must be touched, and red markers are used to define the background area to be removed. The area where the green and red marker options overlay each other will not be erased.
Photo Background RemoverThe selection tool has a radius adjustable which helps to act to the fullest right. In addition, there is also a deselection tool for correcting a wrong choice. Using the tool to deselect the user to remove both the green and red selection. After applying the background removal you will get an image with a transparent background by default 100%

Automatic background removal does not require manual adjustment, the program will remove the image by itself. A user only needs to activate the process by pressing the “Start” button. Photo Background Remover is a batch file processor. This means that you can edit as many photos as you need in a single cycle
A user can replace the original background by:
– A transparent background
– Plain colored background
– Background downloading of photos
As Photo Background Remover is often used to prepare the graphics for the website content, features watermark option that allows placing a graphic or text stamp on processed photos. The position and style of watermark are fully customizable.

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Photo Background Remover developed by SoftOrbits as a shareware product for processing digital graphic files. A trial version of the full set of features to take advantage of free testing