The new update for the PC game “Goetia” of BAT, Enjoy!

Goetia | A2zCrack| You walk among the ruins you can easily imagine how it feels. Small black dots on the Luftwaffe getting bigger by the minute. The whistle of a dive bomber approached on that fateful day in February, 1941. And if you touch the charred wood, you can even hear a warning call and panic waves resonate through time.

GOETIA V1.2  Repair the damage of Goetia In this updates:

• Fixed a bug that has a torch (staff + cloth) is stuck to the floor of the tower.
• Fixed a bug that got the same torch (or objects that consist of) stuck in the bottom floor of the tower.
• Fixed a bug that allowed players to take the object through the wall of the tower. If the object passed the wall, it will be put back to its original place.
• Fixed a bug that stops players from launching a new game (save file issue.)
• Fixed issue head-on collision with the top of the well in the village.
• Objects will no longer get stuck under the room with glowing pillars.
• Fixed a bug that prevented players from clicking the drop-down menu resolution because it is too small.

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