Clashbot-Boostbot VIP Version Cracked

Clashbot-Boostbot 7 | This release may still have bugs, but we let it go so that you can go back to botting. If you find any bugs please let us know. Clashbot-Boostbot 7: is a cheat engine for coc clash of clans that use the BlueStacks emulator to play Clash of Clans on your pc or laptop. using our advanced image recognition algorithms can detect objects Clans Clash and implement algorithms and methods specific to each task to be completed. Clashbot-Boostbot -7 The end result is a big one Clash of Clans bot that has dozens of customization options.

Clashbot-Boostbot 7Clashbot-Boostbot 7 VIP Version Features:

  1. Advanced Forces Training Methods.
  2. Agriculture sophisticated methods.
  3. Townhall awesome sniping (Trophy Encouraging) method.
  4. Stay online 24/7.
  5. Resource collection automatically.
  6. Agriculture automatically.
  7. Avoid Bases Strong To Improve Hourly Loot.
  8. Automatic Trophy Encouraging & Dropping.

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