Little Fighter 2 Game Free Download [12.3MB]

Little Fighter 2 Product Description

Little Fighter 2  is a fighting game which features adolescents fighting on the street. Fight with hands and feet, arms, and use special abilities and techniques. Up to 8 fighters can rumble on the screen at any one time, up to 4 human players per computer. Choose from more than 10 characters each with a number of special techniques.
This game has great graphics and sound effects, joystick support, and online support for multiplayer games.

Little Fighter 2 GameLittle Fighter 2  Developers often adds new characters and techniques so be sure to check their website frequently.
System requirements:

  1. CPU: Celeron 300 / K6-2 300 or above (recommended)
  2. Memory:> 32 MB Ram (recommended)
  3. Cards see: Supports DirectX acceleration (recommended)
  4. Platform: Win 95 or 98, with DirectX 6.0 or above
  5. Resolution: 800 x 600 or above, (MUST) 16 bit color

Little Fighter 2 GameDownload: Click Here To Download