Cyberfox 45.0.2 Installer Download [3.08MB]

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Cyberfox 45 | A2zCrack| If you use a 64-bit computer, the Web browser 64-Bit is ideal for you. Cyberfox 45 made to make best use of the 64-bit architecture for faster speed, and it is supported by the Mozilla source code. The browser is also compatible with Windows 8 operating system.

Cyberfox 45.0.2Cyberfox 45 Features:

  1. Compiled with Visual Studio 2012.
  2. Compiled with the help of the Intel C ++ Compiler.
  3. Powered by Mozilla source code.
  4. Used Windows 8 SDK.
  5. Compatible with 64-bit systems, including Windows 8 operating system.
  6. using Cyberfox 45.

Cyberfox 45.0.2Cyberfox 45 present in the version installed and portable. its user interface closely resembles Firefox, an open-source Web browser popular, but use the dark theme. The main interface has the additional option that allows us to easily restart the browser and clearing its cache memory. We found it easy to use existing data in our Firefox Web browser, including history and bookmarks. We can easily bookmark the link by dragging them into the bookmarks menu.

The designers also made it easy for the user to configure a Web browser. For example, you can go to submenu options to access the about: config tab, which allows you to configure how your browser operates. However, you do not have to bother setting unless you are sure what you are doing.

Cyberfox 45.0.2Additional functions of Cyberfox 45 include:

  1. Enable geolocation feature.
  2. cloning tab.
  3. Changing aspects download list.
  4. Cyberfox is relatively fast Web browser that takes advantage of 64-bit systems. However, some users may have
  5. trouble seeing all of the content on dark themes.

Cyberfox 45.0.2Download: Click Here To download

Cyberfox-45 using low RAM and CPU resources, which makes it ideal for people who want to minimize system resources they use when browsing the Web. The browser is not compatible with Windows XP.