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4 Elements Game Download

4 Elements  A surprisingly good game. A combination of games of “spot the difference” molded around excellent production values ​​Bejeweled-like game three, hidden object, and. While the game starts quite easy with an effective tutorial curve and difficulty ramps quickly through the game it will be difficult to finish each level combinations of three in the first attempt. Given that each level can run more than ten minutes sometimes want to tear your hair out when you lose. The only negative about this game is the story that holds everything together; which it was written six years old. Still, I’ve played worse games of this price. If you are looking for a casual game and like the match-three mechanic this is an excellent choice.

4 Elements
4 Elements  tells a simple story of an ancient evil that was locked by the power of the headlines elements – earth, wind, fire and water – but now it has unleashed. It is up to the player to unlock four books to release the elements and save the kingdom.

4 Elements It is harmless and flat, but the story is enhanced by a fairy who accompanies the player and regularly provides tips and suggestions. Unlike some other games that have abused the character “helper” while not allowing the player to discover and explore, the fairy is here to explain the various rules and power-ups and not get in your way.
4 Elements 4 Elements not cost several million dollars to develop. Do not blow away with its cutting-edge innovation graphics card or push so hard that melts, and is not going to be a staple in your hard drive this time next year. However, if you’re a fan of puzzle games or not, you probably should not ignore what could be one of the surprises “casual games” findings of the year – especially if you have children.

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4 Elements  | Compelling, sophisticated and sweet and innocent, 4 Elements  that large budgets and flash are mere icing. Ultimately, it’s what’s inside that counts.