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Stardock ModernMix Crack is ​​a revolutionary new program that lets you run Windows applications 8 “modern” in a window on the desktop.
Windows 8 modern applications, also known as Metro or RT applications, use the full screen on the screen regardless of the amount of the screen they really need. As a result, the application time, the mail program or stock quotes are going to use all of your computer screen. Active modern applications also will appear on the taskbar in which can be set for quick access later. Also create desktop shortcuts for modern applications.
Stardock ModernMix Crack Stardock ModernMix Crack is ​​super easy to use. Head to the modern user interface, open an application of modern user interface, press the F10 key, and the application is moved to a window on the desktop classic. You can also choose to make this standard behavior for programs launched from the modern user interface so you do not even press the key.
Stardock ModernMix Crack Stardock ModernMix CrackClick the icon in the upper left corner, and along with the usual move, size, close, etc. options you’ll find the option to create a shortcut to the application on the desktop classic. When, later, start the program using this icon, it behaves like a classic application window. When you access the same application from within the modern user interface, it behaves as you normally would. The best of both worlds. However, you can change this behavior, so have the program start icons in full screen. There is also a menu overlay on the upper right corner of the user interface with modern Windows applications that allows full screen or application window.
There’s really nothing more to MStardock ModernMix Crack, but reduces the number of times you have to go through the two halves of Windows 8 (modern and classic), which is well worth the $ 5 Being able to run SkyDrive, maps, camera, and especially lonely in a window on the classic desktop is addictive (and more efficient) for desktop users.

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Now if Stardock ModernMix Crack just found a way to use modern user interface as the actual desk, we would have something to celebrate.