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rEFInd Boot Manager rEFInd Download

rEFInd a forked boot manager. As REFIT, refind installed EFI boot loaders can detect and automatically delivers pretty GUI boot options menu. refind boot that goes with the search process allows better control over many boot loader arms with a better system to refind beyond reassemble and provides the ability for users to define their own boot entry.

rEFInd EFI Boot Manager Download About  rEFInd Features

  1. EFI 1.x and 2.x support for UEFI computers.
  2. Support for Mac and PC platforms.
  3. Graphics and text mode boot selector.
  4. Automatic detection of available EFI boot loader.
  5. Direct Linux 3.3.0 and later support EFI stub installer to start the kernel.
  6. Maintenance-free updates to the Linux kernel – the boot-time automatic detection means any meaning. The
  7. configuration file changes are needed after an updated kernel.
  8. Set the list of boot-time options.
  9. Manually editing the boot-time options.
  10. (Available from third parties) to launch programs such as EFI EFI shell.
  11. OS X, and then start the Windows recovery tools.
  12. (On some UEFI) firmware setup program into the restart.
  13. Try before installation with a CD-R or USB flash drive image.
  14. Safe Boot support (requires a separate filler or preload program).
  15. Ext2 / 3FS, ext4fs, ReiserFS, Btrfs, HFS +, and includes EFI drivers for ISO 9660.

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Although rEFInd useful programs, such bad boot control on the detection process, and several important limitations, such as the ability to view a handful of the boot entry its main screen, there, because before rEFInd project fork decision.