FileBot 4.6.1Download & Enhance Your Collection

FileBot 4.6.1 Free Download

FileBot 4.6.1DownloadFileBot 4.6.1 Download is the ultimate tool to organize and rename your movies, TV shows, anime, and music files. You can also download the subtitles and artwork for your media to improve their collection.

FileBot 4.6.1DownloadFileBot 4.6.1Download Key features include:

  1. A simple user interface tuned for drag and drop.
  2. Rename hundreds of media files in seconds.
  3. TheMovieDB films regarding data.
  4. TheTVDB episodes regarding data.
  5. music regarding MusicBrainz using acoustic data.
  6. OpenSubtitles download subtitles.
  7. Add subtitles to OpenSubtitles.
  8. Create and verify SFV, MD5 and SHA1 files.

File-Bot 4.6.1 is a great tool that has been streamlined for ease of use. The developers tout is the last validator Renamer tv / subtitle downloader / SFV, and we agree with them!.

FileBot 4.6.1DownloadDownload: Click Here To Download
FileBot 4.6.1 is cross-platform and compatible with Mac and Linux too. It has a great looking interface and is quick to organize media collection, and has a command line interface with all functions for the operation of all types of automated scripts.