DC ++ Download & File Sharing Direct Connect network

DC ++ Free Download

DC ++ is an open source client for Windows for the Direct Connect network code. Direct Connect allows you to share files over the Internet without restrictions or limits.

DC ++ Download The client is completely free of advertisements and has a nice user-friendly interface ,. firewall support and the router is integrated and it is easy and convenient to use functionality like multi-hub connections, auto-connections and resuming of downloads.

DC ++ DownloadDC ++ offers these improvements over its predecessors:

  • Much more stable. DC ++ wastes less memory, is faster, file size is smaller and long tail entire program will not
  • freeze. Neo-Modus Direct Connect eats memory and resources.
  • You can connect to many axes at the same time and search for all files with the same search.
  • You can continue downloading the same file from other users if somebody leaves.
  • You can see timestamps in the chat. Chat will not jump to end when it is rolled back old messages.
  • Bot messages wont popup new windows, you can also filter bot messages out.
  • No ads.
  • Search is more versatile.
  • Hublist can be downloaded from multiple servers / sources.

DC ++ DownloadDownload: Click Here TO Download