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CAELinux Computer Aided Engineering Software Download

CAELinux Computer Aided Engineering and Scientific Computing is focusing on a live DVD Linux distribution dedicated to open-source engineering. Based on Ubuntu, most CAD / CAM / CAE applications and offers a complete open source software solution for production development.

CAELinux Software CAELinux this freeCAD & librecad 2D / 3D CAD systems, Salome and pre Gmsh / post processor, code_ast is & Calculix non-linear FE solver, Code-Saturn & openfoa I solve CFD Elmer multiphysics suite Helyx-OS, Discrete is, engrid & Netgame 3D includes meshers , computational and mathematical modeling, and many more GEDA, KiCad & Arduin electronic design tools, pycak I, for OpenSCADA I & Cure CNC G-code output, GNU Octave, Rkward, wxMaxima, Scilab, Scipy & Spyder.

Features of CAELinux:

  • CAD / CAM & 3D printing: freeCAD, openscad, librecad, pycak I, I OpenSCADA, GCA’m in dxf2gco & Cure.
  • FEA, CFD and simulation multiphysic: Code-Aster, code-Saturn, openfoa am, Elmer FEM, Calculix, Pulse FEM, mbdyn.
  • Meshing, before and after, and visualization: Pre / post processing packages :. ParaView 3.10.2, Discrete is, engrid 1.4 Helyx-OS, Elmer GUI, Netgame that, Tetg that, CGX, Gmsh v2.5, Salome v.6 Meshlab.
  • Electronic design and prototype: GEDA suite, KiCad, Fritzing, Arduino, in dxf2gco / PCB milling for cadpy isolation.
    GNU Octave (+ qtoctav GUI), R & Rkward, Scilab, wxMaxima, SciPy & Spyder IDE, Qt Creator, gcc, gfortran, g ++, Python, Perl, Tcl / tk, Scientific and development tools such as Ruby compilers.
  • Scientific writing and office tools: Latex, Texmaker, Lyx, LibreOffice, Gimp, Inkscape, JabRef
    For maximum compatibility based on Xubuntu LTS 64bit 12:04.
  • DVD / USB flash drive is available as an ISO image to install; laptops, workstations or (OpenMP) and even ready to use cluster.
  • Cloud computing ready: Standard and cluster computing in the EU and the US East region for example, Amazon EC2 image available.

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