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Virtua COP 2 is the light gun arcade game released in 1995 by Sega Developer Sega.Game name is AM2.This Sega game was released in 1995 but was released in 1997.This PC game is also to play After the season 2.

Virtua COP 2 DownloadVirtua COP 2 Now the introduction of the game let you explain How to play? It’s the player’s job is to shoot criminals and enemies that appear before time runs out and shoot game back.In Background Many objects are enemies appears.If you fired some of which reveal power-ups will clear afterwards.

Virtua COP 2 DownloadVirtua COP 2 If enemies after the end of each level there boss.and Fight with boss.And level you are interested in the game then at the end you can see the bonus final boss battle after the three levels have been finished.Game single player modes , multiplayer.

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Virtua COP 2 I’m just let you play characters names.1.Michael Hardy (Rage) 0.2. James Cools (Smarty) .3.Janet Marshall (Janet).