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Cossacks Anthology  PC Game Download

Cossacks Anthology  contains the full version of Cossacks: European Wars, both plug-ins – Cossacks: The Art of War and Cossacks: Back to War. Start training in strategic warfare of the European war, which includes a large encyclopedia of the war, units, and technologies of the time. Then take the new tasks, new campaigns, new enemies, and the Art of War and Back War.Taistelu goes on the Internet or a local network to a maximum of seven players attempt to lead their nations to victory.

Cossacks Anthology At first glance, the Cossacks Anthology looks like a game of real-time strategy aimed at older history. Details of the conflicts that appear in the game, and the Thirty Years’ War and the War of the Austrian Succession, are not exactly common knowledge, and units like the spakh (Turkish cavalry) and Serdiuk (Ukrainian Musketeer) appear dark for players without an encyclopedic knowledge of military history. Initially, the Cossacks also seems Age of Empires II clone, just set a few centuries later.

Cossacks Anthology The similarities are many and striking. Cossacks Anthology a similar isometric view visual style, the scale of the unit, the iconic interface, display of resources, and map. Villagers harvested materials like wood, stone and gold. Priests act as auxiliaries to their troops, and military units working historically based essentially on a simple model of combat, in which each unit is specialized in attacks on other unit paper-scissors-stone.

Cossacks Anthology Fortunately, there is a little Cossacks Anthology who first meets the eye. You can enjoy a wealth of diversity, if nothing else. You can play as 16 different factions: Algeria, Austria, England, France, Netherlands, Piemonte, Poland, Portugal, Prussia, Russia, Saxony, Spain, Sweden, Turkey, Ukraine, and Venice. Each nation fields a variety of military units from four basic categories: infantry, cavalry, artillery and navy. Each country can also follow unique paths through trees 300 potential technology updates. It may all sound like a bit much, and sometimes it is, but there is a decent tutorial and extensive online encyclopedia units, technology, and history on the game.

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One of the most touted features of the Cossacks Anthology  is the ability to field huge armies totaling 8,000 units – at least in theory. Cossacks Anthology  often end up with several hundred farmers toil for you, but probably less military units. For example, repeated, well-executed light cavalry raids against enemy peasants and resource centers so it can weaken your enemy might be needed only a hundred soldiers to go and deliver the coup de grace.