360amigo System Speedup Pro Serial + Setup Download

360amigo System Speedup Pro Serial

360amigo System Speedup Pro Serial  has a design easy to read informative, but showing system information (for example, the amount of time the team has been in the operating system, the temperature and CPU usage and memory), Home, cleaner system, system optimizer, and Tools tabs (for cleaning and repair of the PC), and a big red button “Start Scan” to start the blanks.

360amigo System Speedup Pro SerialWhen you click the “Start Scan” button on the home screen, 360amigo System Speedup Pro Serial began an exploration that revealed more than 3,200 system errors by clicking “Repair” clean up the mess discovered. Pretty simple. If you prefer a more practical approach, 360Amigo has other options. Clicking on the “System Cleaner” tab cleaner me, I got rid of junk files that are left running. “System Optimizer” incorporates a variety of tools to help in the boot process, safeguard the Web attacks PC and allow you to kill active processes. The “Tools” tab has a file shredder, a more robust system information list, drivers and other components under the hood.

360amigo System Speedup Pro SerialI tested the ability to whip 360amigo System Speedup Pro Serial as a new PC by performing three tests to run the tool Geekbench system performance, measuring boot times, and transferring a 1.1GB folder of mixed media external storage before and after running the software to compare the power equipment. Each test was performed three times and averaged. Before 360amigo System Speedup Pro Serial  scrubbed the system, 2-GHz Intel Core i7 X990 Style-Note notebook with 4GB of RAM and a 80GB SSD drive Intel achieved a 5,903 Geekbench score, start in 50.3 seconds, and folder transfers 40.5 GB 1.1 seconds. After using 360Amigo, the system saw some improvement, but it was not as big an increase as some competing PC TuneUp Utilities. Check out the table below for full breakdown.

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360amigo System Speedup Pro Serial System Speedup did a good job of making our test notebook feels relatively new again, but improvements shown are not much better than the free Comodo System Cleaner, or King of the Hill stacked cleaning PC, . However, it comes with malware protection, and helped the bank post decent improvement tests. 360Amigo System Speedup is not a bad tool, but there are better options.