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Arcania Fall of Setariff  Highlights:

Arcania Fall of Setariff  is a role playing game developed by Spellbound Entertainment and published under the banner of Nordic Games. The game was released on October 24, 2011. This is an expansion pack of the game Arcania. You can also download the Baldurs Gate 2.

Arcania Fall of SetariffArcania Fall of Setariff  has been set in the coastal town Setariff as new threats started in the South Isles as a demon after being expelled from the King Rhobar III has made its way to Setariff and change the city upside down and panic broke out in the city. Rhobar King III was terrified by the situation and fear of losing control of the city and some of his friends he sent troops and a hero without a name to the city to calm the situation. Nameless hero is ready to face threats but drama continues as the volcano erupted in the nearby mountains. Legends of Dawn is playing the other roles that you can download.

Arcania Fall of SetariffOperate the anonymous hero and fight against evil to save the city. The new location and arrangement has been introduced in this game such as the beach, basements and lava etc. The game has gained some respect graphics and characters depicted in this game looks very close to the real ones. The sound of the game is also impressive. You may also want to download Hellgate London.

Arcania Fall of SetariffFeatures Arcania Fall of Setariff  Game:

The following are the main features of Arcania Fall Setariff that you will be able to experience having first installed on your Operating System. Impressive role playing games. The expansion pack of the game Arcania. Storlyline interesting. Impressive and awe-inspiring graphics. Sound admirable.

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