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Bandicam Serial Number is a popular software to record video from a specific area in your computer. It was developed by Bandisoft and is available in many languages ​​other than English. Not only recording, but you can also take a screenshot with this software. Basically it consists of two modes one is ‘Rectangle on a screen’ mode you can record a certain area on the screen of your computer and the other one is ‘DirectX / OpenGL window’ mode that allows you to capture the target set out in OpenGL or DirectX.Bandicam Serial Number


Free Bandicam Serial Number only shows the number of FPS in the corner of your computer screen, but on the backhand was active in the ‘DirectX / OpenGL window’ mode. If the FPS count color is green it means you are ready to record and whether the color changes to red means has started the recording. But the number of FPS will not be shown if you use the ‘Rectangle on a screen mode’.

Bandicam Serial Number

New Features of Bandicam Serial Number:

Here is a basic feature Serial Number Bandicam:

  • This is a high quality applications but save the recording file in a very small size. Because it has the option to file compression.
  • You can upload recorded videos or files to YouTube without any conversion.
  • Has a maximum file size is not limited as long as the local hard disk has free space available.
  • Uses low CPU / GPU because that has lagged the other capture programs.
  • With Bandicam Serial Number you can record the games and programs DirectX / OpenGL such as Fraps.
  • Video can be recorded 24 hours with all new Auto Complete Recording Function.
  • High-quality video with resolutions up to 2560X1600 can be recorded by using this application.
  • It also supports recording pause.
  • Bandicam Crack has a built-in utility that helps in recovering damaged files recorded.
  • You can adjust the quality of the capture JPG, PNG and BMP.

Bandicam Serial Number

Functions performed by Bandicam serial key:

Here is the function and support of the Bandicam Serial Keygen:

  • It can record game 2D / 3D of WOW, StarCraft, RuneScape, Second life, Aion, Age of Conan, MapleStory,
  • EverQuest, Minecraft and others.
  • You can also record webcams, computer screen, HDTV, Skype Video Chat, Java / Flash games and other 3D applications.
  • Supports H.264, Xvid, MPEG-1 and MJPEG video codec.
  • Supports PCM and MPEG-1 Layer II audio codec.
  • It also supports AVI (.avi) video.
  • It also supports MPEG-1 video codec VBR mode.
  • It captures images and video streaming games in image format JPEG, PNG and BMP and supports capturing images continuously.
  • You can record video streming internet TV such as YouTube, BBC, CNN, internet courses.

Bandicam Serial Number

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