Snow Bros Game Free Download (2015) For PC

Snow Bros Game Download

Snow Bros Game is the most popular arcade game developed by Toaplan and published by Capcom and Tengen in 1990. The game has been released for various platforms such as Arcade, Nintendo Entertainment System, Game Boy, Sega Genesis, Amiga, iOS, Android and Microsoft Windows.

Snow Bros Game

You can play Snow Bros Game as a single or multiplayer with up to two players simultaneously. Each player takes the part of one or two snowman named Nick and Tom. In this game each player should throw snow at the enemies and go through it until they get completely covered in snow and converts it into a snowball while your enemy can not move whaen covered in snow until they vibrate off. Once covered in snow you can roll it.

Snow Bros Game

Features of Snow Bros Game:

The following are the basic features for free Game Snow Bros:

  1. The graphical user interface of the game is simple and easy to use.
  2. Everything in the snow bros download as characters, enemies and the surrounding area has been given a detailed even the background music playing in the backhand game add life to it.
  3. There is money in the form of a big green bills worth 10,000 points that fall from the sky, but disappear within a shot. So, you need to get this as a bonus.
  4. You have to pass the level to unlock the next level where at every tenth level there is a boss who needs to hit several times to destroy it. While at the level of the 50th there was a princess snow castle, you need to play a role.
  5. There are some special power ups are added to this game that has been shown in a variety of colors such as red to increase walking speed, blue to increase the amount of snow thrown, yellow to increase the distance, the green is to inflate like a balloon character.

Snow Bros Game

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System Requirements for Snow Bros Game:

The following are the minimum system requirements snow bros game free download:

Operating system: Windows 9x, Windows 2K, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1

  1. Processor: Intel Pentium II 233MHz
  2. RAM: 64MB
  3. Hard Disk Space: 128 MB
  4. Video Card: 32 MB